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  • Waarp R66

    • Installation tool
    • Configuration tool
    • Full examples of several type of configurations and Howto
  • Waarp Gateway FTP

    • GUI to improve management as a central remote console
    • Installation tool
    • Configuration tool
  • Waarp Gateway HTTP

    • Installation tool
    • Configuration tool
    • First release

    • Will enable a first complete release of GoldenGate as Gateway with several protocols with FTP, HTTP and R66 protocols

  • All

    • Consolidation of central console GUI

Last release

August 2021: Waarp R66 3.6.0, Waarp Gateway FTP 3.6.0 (Major version) : upgrade is recommended

From the beginning, each module had its own git repository under Github. In order to facilitate analysis and evolution, from version 3.2, all modules are reassembled into one git repository (Waarp-All), while the jar can still be created independently. Moreover, a shaded jar for each independent module, containing all dependencies, is now provided.

  • Waarp R66

    • This versions brings fixes on some regressions and greatly improves stability and performance. The upgrade is recommended.
    • Changes

      • New functionalities

        • Add S3 support both in Read and Write for R66 File
        • Add support to extend easily tasks through TaskFactory
        • Add Remote pushing monitoring (using either HTTP(s) REST external interface or Elasticsearch external interface)
        • Extension of Waarp R66 Web administration UI to allow to send a file directly from web interface (file must be on server)
        • Extension of Waarp R66 Web administration UI to allow create or modify a transfer
        • Extension of Waarp R66 Web administration UI to search transfer through "follow Id"
        • Add support for dynamic compression using ZSTD efficient algorithm
        • Checking functionnal support up to Java 16 (usig JRE 11 package)
      • Bug fixes

        • Improvements on Threads and Memory usage
        • Increase MAX RUNLIMIT to 50 000, while default still being 1 000
        • Dependency changed for Oracle in order to depend on official package (but not included due to licence restriction)
        • Change to Saxon for XML where possible
        • Improve SQL (index, requests, cache)
        • Global performances improvements with a benchmark on a 2 cores giving 192 concurrent transfers/s
        • Contains new Benchmarks and non regression tests (against 3.5.2 version as reference)
        • Upgrade of external dependencies
  • Waarp Gateway FTP

    • Changes

      • Bug fixes

        • Improve stability for both Client and Server side
        • Benchmarks show up to 118 transfer/s using Gateway FTP
        • Upgrade of external dependencies